Make the TV box the perfect gift

As the summer gets closer and the real wedding season starts it is time to look at modern wedding fits that won’t break the bank. This week we have chosen to take a closer look at the TV box. A TV box is essentially a smart TV Box that can turn a standard TV into a media center. The TV box itself connects to the TV via a cable, usually HDMI or AV standard cable and then you connect it through the internet. It is important to note that you do not need a satellite dish for the television box to work. This is why it is such a good gift, as many young couples usually start by moving into an apartment and a lot of apartment blocks don’t allow satellite dishes.

Once the TV is connected to the TV box you can start downloading your favorite apps and even watch movies, TV shows and live TV channels. These boxes have seen a huge rise in popularity in the last year and it means that you do not necessarily have to continue paying your TV bills as the box has everything you need to watch the most recent shows available.

Some important things to note before buying this as a gift. The TV box needs at least 3mbs internet connection to function properly as otherwise the stream quality will suffer greatly. The smart boxes can be gotten for as little as €100 and there is no subscription fee so it is a bargain!

Somefeed back on my selfie stick post

So about a week ago as some of my loyal readers will know :P I sent out a post about cutting down on a wedding photographer with a strange tip that I saw at a wedding I was at recently. This tip was to leave a selfie stick at each dinner table instead of hiring a photographer. Now I still think it’s important to have a professional photographer for the ceremony but not for the full day as by that stage people are unwinding and letting their hair down so there is really no need for professional style pictures.

selfie sticksAnyway most of you seem to think that this was a good idea and if not implemented it is still a cool option to have that I have not seen anywhere else. I will gladly take the credit even though it was not my idea! Obviously it is too soon for people to implement the selfie stick idea but I will follow this post up in the summer when it is likely that some of my readers will have had their big day. Oh and I know most of my readers are based in Ireland and I found a Irish selfie stick store so you can get it quicker from here rather than ordering abroad online. I always try to support Irish businesses anyway so this is a good thing.

So thank you for the positive response on that post and I will be sure to do another post about it in the summer than I hear back from people who may have thought about this idea.

Cook your own finger food – Cut Costs

We don’t want to come across as been cheap when cutting costs for your wedding but food is one of the largest expenses so it must be looked at. Ok so your not going to skimp on dinner too much and most venues will charge between €50 – 100 per head depending on how fancy you are planning to do your wedding but finger food is an area where you can cut your costs.

tefal actifry familyRather than paying big money for lets face fairly basic food such as sausage rolls, cocktail sausages and chicken tenders why not ask if you can bring your own finger food? I was at a wedding recently where the couple brought their own tefal actifry machine and had one of their guests cook the finder food and put a bowl on each table. The venue didn’t mind as they were still paying for the dinner and the venue itself. If you are worried about people thinking this is too cheap then say nothing and just organise it and ask if the venue will let you use their dishes.

You have nothing to lose by asking this but you could save yourself another €1,000 or more by implementing this. Just make sure you have the right equipement. The tefal actifryers are good but can be a tad slow but there i a family version which will let you cook enough for 6 – 8 people at a time so could be worth picking one up!

Tips To Save On Photography With A Selfie Stick

There are many things that can be saved on when planning your wedding and photography is certainly one of them. A good wedding photographer will cost anywhere between £1,000 – £3,000 for a full day with most photographers usually offering a half day budget option which many couples go for. Now I am not saying to not hire a photographer but do you really need a photographer for a full day? Most of the photos are done after the initial ceremony while everyone is still dressed up.photographer selfie stick

After that the photographer usually goes off and then comes back after the dinner for another round of more casual photos but truth be told we find this very unnecessary. For a half day you can save up to £1,000 and still get the main photographs outside the church and before everyone sits down to dinner. From then on we have seen little tricks such as placing a disposable camera at every table or just ask one of your guests to do a round of photographs for the night. These are all good ideas and can help cut on your photography costs.

We have gone a little bit further however and I was recently at a wedding where they had a selfie stick at each table! Now I know selfie sticks are a new enough idea but I thought this was really thinking outside the box. Not only did the selfie stick allow for great photos but everyone seemed to have a great bit of fun using them! This gives a good balance of the serious wedding photos which are obviously a must and then funny more casual photos from the selfie stick which the guests took.

On average a selfie stick costs between £10 – £30 pound and we had a look online and see that shop selfie stick were good value and offer discounts on bulk purchasing so it is worth sending them an email. Anyway we just thought this was a unique idea and would love to hear your feed back.