Tips To Save On Photography With A Selfie Stick

There are many things that can be saved on when planning your wedding and photography is certainly one of them. A good wedding photographer will cost anywhere between £1,000 – £3,000 for a full day with most photographers usually offering a half day budget option which many couples go for. Now I am not saying to not hire a photographer but do you really need a photographer for a full day? Most of the photos are done after the initial ceremony while everyone is still dressed up.photographer selfie stick

After that the photographer usually goes off and then comes back after the dinner for another round of more casual photos but truth be told we find this very unnecessary. For a half day you can save up to £1,000 and still get the main photographs outside the church and before everyone sits down to dinner. From then on we have seen little tricks such as placing a disposable camera at every table or just ask one of your guests to do a round of photographs for the night. These are all good ideas and can help cut on your photography costs.

We have gone a little bit further however and I was recently at a wedding where they had a selfie stick at each table! Now I know selfie sticks are a new enough idea but I thought this was really thinking outside the box. Not only did the selfie stick allow for great photos but everyone seemed to have a great bit of fun using them! This gives a good balance of the serious wedding photos which are obviously a must and then funny more casual photos from the selfie stick which the guests took.

On average a selfie stick costs between £10 – £30 pound and we had a look online and see that shop selfie stick were good value and offer discounts on bulk purchasing so it is worth sending them an email. Anyway we just thought this was a unique idea and would love to hear your feed back.